Building Your First Website in Ten Minutes

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Base11 Studios uses Jekyll and GitHub Pages to build out many of our project pages (including this site!). Jekyll is an awesome site generating tool and GitHub Pages makes it even easier to build and deploy a site in no time and for free from your GitHub repos.

If you’ve never used either and want a jump start - check out this simple guide to deploying your first GitHub pages site in less than 10 (ish) minutes!

github pages site link

jekyll home page docs site link

creating a new repository on github

turn on github pages on the master branch

add a github pages theme to your website using the minimal theme

preview your web site live

edit your readme markdown to be rendered in html

see your live changes immediately

jekyll docs next step with octocat

make your site pretty with cloudcannon jekyll themes

Learn more about Jekyll on ajkueterman.com


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