Mort’s Update 1.1 Now Available!

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Our latest update to Mort’s Minions, version 1.1, is Live! We’ve been hard at work to bring some enhancements to add to the fun. This is our biggest update yet - download it now and start playing

Here are the most significant changes:

  • For a limited time, ALL HEROES ARE FREE! Try out Leonard the Monk and Gary the Mage - each one offering a unique play style.
  • Stars and skills are easier to get! Fill out your skills and upgrades quicker, getting right into the action.
  • Jim’s Charge replaced with Hurl Boulder. You’ll love it I promise.
  • Trade gems for stars on your hero’s skills page. Get an edge by using your gems to boost your skills.
  • Heart boosts to enhance your gameplay! Who said 3 hearts wasn’t enough?
  • No more forced ads :)

Lot of other small improvements and bugs squashed! If you have any issues let us know on the forum.


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