Introducing CaliCalo – Apple Watch and iPhone App!

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Soon, Base11 Studios is launching CaliCalo, an energy balance app for Apple Watch, supported by iPhone. Monitor your daily calorie intake and use the calorie progress meter on the watch to see how you’re tracking to meet your daily calorie goals.

Use any application/source to add data to Apple HealthKit and view your calorie status on both the Apple Watch and the iPhone companion app.


  • Apple watch app to view net calories for the day, made up of calories consumed, calories burned through activity, and calories burned through rest activity
  • Calorie meter to easily view your status
  • Companion iPhone app for a quick view of your calorie stats

Stay tuned for the release and preview the screenshots below!

CaliCalo Watch and iPhone Screenshots


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CaliCalo is in the App Store!

Quick note to let you know the server’s are updated and CaliCalo is officially released. Download Now!

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