OctoNote FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


OctoNote is awesome!

OctoNote enables you to easily and beautifully write markdown notes and store them on GitHub as GitHub Gists. By stripping away the complexities of GitHub in the browser and putting Gists in the context of note-taking, we unlock powerful markdown note-taking with the power and flexibility of GitHub.


OctoNote allows you to save your notes as Gists on GitHub by leveraging GitHub's secure OAuth app API to securely authenticate you using your GitHub credentials. New notes become your new Gists, and searching and managing Gists is easy.

OctoNote strips away the complex concepts of repositories, commits, and branching, so that anyone can save and edit notes as Gists securely online without prior experience using git or GitHub.


With OctoNote you can create unlimited public notes for free. Simply, OctoNote Premium allows you to create and edit secret notes in addition to public ones.

Do I have to be a premium GitHub user to utilize OctoNote Premium?

No! You can save public or secret Gists on GitHub, even as a free user.

In fact, you can still view secret gists that you created on GitHub using OctoNote without purchasing Premium. OctoNote Premium simply lets you create and edit secret notes using the app, which we think is a fair trade-off between free features and premium perks.

How much is Premium?

OctoNote Premium is $3 per month, or you can get it for as cheap as $2 per month by subscribing annually for $24 per year.

Do I get anything else with Premium?

Currently Premium just unlocks the ability to create and edit secret gists, but new features are constantly in development! Leave a suggestion for new Premium features at [email protected]


There are a few known issues with this version of OctoNote that we are working on.

Some of these issues are limitations of the libraries used to build OctoNote, and some are limitations of the GitHub API. All these issues are currently being worked, and will make their way into all versions of the OctoNote app soon!