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Wacky adventuring for iOS and Android

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UNICORNS, CATS, and PUFFINS, OH MY! Help Slanky reach infinity in this wacky endless runner. Test your skills and get tons of upgrades! Tap, tap, tap some more.


  • Get wacky, get serious, get fun.
  • Ride unicorns and carry them up ladders.
  • Strap on a cat with a rocket and go ZOOM!
  • Rely on your buddy, Mr Puffin, to save you when you need him the most.
  • Avoid the fairies, no matter how charming they are


Climb as High as You Can Rocket Cats Infinite Upgrades Puffins Magical Fairies

Game Time

Compete to get the highest score between you and your friends!

Technologies Used

  • Defold
  • LUA, Spriter, Affinity Designer

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