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Present Sense is an app that helps you experience the joy every moment has to offer! Be aware of the present moment and start living now! Present Sense guides you through training exercises and gives thoughtful ideas about where and how to bring mindfulness into your daily life. We tie together the power of text - written journaling to build a habit of mindfulness.

Do you dislike doing the dishes, does your mind wander when you brush your teeth, do you get stressed driving or walking in to work? These are all opportunities to recognize the great things you have in life. Try the app today to see how it can change your life! It can help you curb anxiety, reduce stress, appreciate nature and the world around you, find calm, sleep better, and many more benefits!


  • Each mindful experience has 3 parts:
    • Observing - Complete the activity that you selected. Follow the instructions, check the tips, and during the activity, pay attention the prompt provided.
    • Journaling your observations - Write down any observations that you had. Leverage the prompt to provide insight into the sense or thought that was asked of you.
    • Journaling your feelings - Write down how you feel after completing the activity. If you need to take a moment to check in with yourself, do so now. More info on check-ins below.
  • Bring mindfulness into everyday moments with over 35 experiences!
  • Daily quotes from thought leaders like Thich Nhat Hahn
  • View your statistics, like words clouds and usage frequency
  • A full on-boarding tutorial to get started!


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What is observing / mindfulness?

Mindfulness (or observing) is awareness of the present moment. It is living in the “now” and not thinking about the past or the future. In order to be mindful, sometimes it is helpful to close your eyes or focus on your breath. Your breath is always with you. You can always come back to your breath in life when you need help being more aware of the world around you.

Do you notice the birds chirping, the wind blowing against your face, the trees bristling, the warmth of the sun, the impact that a breath of fresh air can have on your mood? These are all lessons you will learn to notice and appreciate using Present Sense.

Why focus on the present?

Have you ever found yourself ruminating in the past, replaying an event, or worrying about the future? A lot of times the thing we’re worrying about never comes to pass or can’t be changed and it was all worry for nothing. It happens to all of us, and usually doesn’t result in us feeling at peace. By bringing our awareness to the present, something that is definitely happening, we can appreciate what we do have right now. Focusing on the present allows us to actually live our lives and enjoy the world around us.

Why Mindful Journaling?

Have you ever tried to start up a mindfulness practice and had trouble creating a routine? Or are you consistently meditating but looking for more ways to bring mindfulness into your life? Mindful journaling helps us vocalize our feelings and notice the benefits of being present. By writing down how we feel after a mindful experience, we’re creating a habit and training ourselves to pay attention in everyday life.

How often should I do Mindful Experiences?

Everyday, all the time! As you focus on the present, your brain actually starts to change. If you actually bring your focus to each activity you do and pair it with deep breathing, you can change your perception of the activity and actually enjoy your time doing it. Think of every moment and every activity you do as a chance to practice mindfulness.

Technologies Used

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  • Affinity Designer

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