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Net Calorie Tracker and Counter for iOS

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Monitor your daily and weekly calorie intake and output with this iPhone and Apple Watch app! Use the calorie progress meter on the watch to see how you’re tracking to meet your daily calorie goals. Use any application/source to add data to Apple HealthKit and view your calorie status on both the Apple Watch and the iPhone companion app.


  • View your net calories on your Apple watch!
  • Watch complications for every face to keep you up to date all day
  • Easily view your daily status with the watch app’s Calorie meter
  • Get a quick view of your daily calorie stats on the companion iPhone app
  • Weekly Net Graphing: Get a view of your weekly progress with our new 7 Day Net Calories graph.
  • Track Your Weekly Trends: View your 7 day history, averages, and compare calories consumed versus burned
  • Set a daily target to make sure you’re hitting your daily surplus or deficit
  • Edit the input sources used in the CaliCalo net-calories calculation inside the app


Monitor Progress Track Trends Reach Goals Change Target Supports Joules

Apple Watch

Complication 1 Complication 2 Watch App Complication 3 Complication 4


It’s important to us that you understand how your calorie data is updated and calculated. If you have questions please read the FAQs. If your question isn’t answered, submit a new one and we’ll get back to you! https://calicalo.base11studios.com/faq/


CaliCalo reads data from HealthKit to display resting, active, and dietary calories. These values are also used to calculate net calories. HealthKit data is not permanently stored or shared in any way. https://calicalo.base11studios.com/privacy/

Technologies Used

  • SWIFT, XCode,
  • Apple HealthKit

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